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West Gate Radio show (Pupil voice)

Every two weeks, on a Friday afternoon, two pupils are given the opportunity to record a new edition of the West Gate radio show. The recording is a platform which pupils can use to air their views on school life, what they think is really good and what they think could be done to make improvements. Pupils' also use this opportunity to share news about interesting activities, events or learning which they have taken part in, with the knowledge that they are sharing this information with the whole of the school. 

The radio show is then broadcast over the school tannoy system during several lunchtimes over the following two week period, before the recording of the next edition. As well as discussing school life, pupils are also able to introduce and play their favourite songs, tell jokes and make their recording entertaining as well as meaningful for the school community. Click below to listen to some excerpts from recordings made this academic year. 

  The West Gate radio jingle 

 Discussion of British Values week activities 

 Discussion of young person's council

 School Council news segment