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Our Governors

The Governing Body at West Gate School is a group of people which includes members who have been elected from the teaching and non-teaching staff and members from the parent body.  Some are co-opted from the local community who have the skills and expertise combined with a committed interest in the future of the school, and there is a nominated Authority governor. The Well Trust, of which the school is a founding member, also contributes two governors.

The tasks of the Governors are straightforward.  We must work with the Head Teacher to ensure the educational performance of children and young people at West Gate is the best it can be. We have duties to safeguard the wellbeing of all of our students and we must act as a critical friend of the school.  It is our duty, therefore, to point out anything we feel could be improved in the school’s practice, and to assist the school’s leaders to achieve these improvements.

The governing body meets at least three times each term. Meetings cover finance and resources, and we review the provision at the school to support and develop teaching, learning and the behaviour and welfare of our pupils.  Governors have detailed responsibilities relating to the setting of the vision and strategic direction of the school, holding the school leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and for the oversight of the financing of the school. We have duties relating to the premises and facility management, especially lettings to community stakeholders. We have a future-perspective which ensures sustainability of the decisions we make.

Governors are always welcome in the school and West Gate governors make regular visits to monitor the school’s progress, to learn about the teaching methods used in our school and how these impact on the performance and outcomes for individuals and groups of pupils.

All governors are required to undertake training to assist them in these tasks.

If you would be interested in joining us, either as a governor or an associate member, please do contact me for a discussion.

Liz Braithwaite 
Chair of Governors

Click here to view 'Amendments to the 2012 Constitution Regulations Statutory Guidance'

Governing Body

Liz Braithwaite - Chair of Governors


Marie Wilson - Co-opted Governor

I have worked at West Gate School for 18 years which shows my strong commitment to the school. I was pleased to be co-opted onto the governing body to enable me to be directly involved in the strategic planning for the future for our brilliant school.

I am a higher level teaching assistant which helps me to know about and contribute to the governing body’s thinking and decisions about teaching, learning and assessment at the school.

Simon Osborne - Co-opted Governor

I have worked in property management for over 20 years and am currently the CEO of 3 Special Purpose Vehicle Project Companies running and delivering property management services at two London Hospitals and one London school. While working on the mobilisation of a SEN school in London I was impressed with the dedication shown by the teaching team. I hold a deep-seated belief that everyone can and should be encouraged to reach their potential regardless of their environment, psychical constraints or life opportunities and sees my own personal self-actualisation, as being able to facilitate the journey of others. I was therefore delighted to join the governing body while the new school was being built and support them through the construction phase. I now enjoy exercising my management experience within the wider governing role.

Barney Thorne - Co-opted Governor

Helen Louise Bartle - Staff Governor

Brian Jones - Additional Governor

Mark Oldham - Foundation Governor

Rhian Richardson - Headteacher

Jo Lawrence - Clerk to the Governors


* Co-opted Governors are appointed by the governing body, Authority Governors are appointed by the Local Authority, Foundation Governors are appointed by the Well Trust, Parent Governors are elected by the parent body and Staff Governors are elected by the staff body of the school

** All Governors’ terms of office are 4 years