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Futures Pathway Home Learning for All Classes 

My Communication Initial Sounds.pdf

My Communication- Speech and Language.pdf

My Communication- Were Going on a Bear Hunt.pdf

My communication - reading-comprehension-phase2-interactive-powerpoint.pptx

My communication- reading comprehension and letter_formation.pdf

My communication - Read Write Inc letter formation sheet (video below).pdf

C17 My Communication Week 2.pdf

My communication- wk 1 puppet play.pdf

My Communication- Reflection time.pdf

My Communication- Would You Rather.pdf

My thinking and problem solving- time reading a clock (Video below).pdf

My Independence- Tying Shoelaces.pdf

My independence wk3 exploring fruit.pdf

My independence wk 2 making toast.pdf

My independence- making play dough and dough disco.pdf

My Independence- Brushing Teeth.pdf

My Independence- road safety powerpoint.pdf

My Independence- Road Safety Scene.pdf

My Independence- Road Safety Question Cards.pdf

My Independence- Safe Road Safety Crossing Sequencing.pdf

My Independence- travel training.pdf

My Independence- box tasks.pdf

My independence- wk 1 travel training.pdf

My Independence- Hair washing.pdf

My physical wellbeing- Everybody worried story read by Anna.pdf

My Physical Wellbeing- Sensory Obstacle Course.pdf

My physical well-being wk3 parachute games.pdf

My physical well-being- body awareness session 2.pptx

My physical well-being wk_2 balloon tennis.pdf

My physical Wellbeing- body awareness.pdf

My Physical Wellbeing - PE workout with Joe Wicks.pdf

My Physical Wellbeing- movement games.pdf

My physical wellbeing- wk 1 yoga.pdf

My Physical Wellbeing- Physical Activity.pdf

My Thinking and Problem Solving- Phonics.pdf

My Thinking and problem solving wk 3 Pirate panda.pdf

My Thinking and Problem Solving Aquarium Lessons.pdf

My Thinking and Problem Solving - Monster Sorting.pdf

my thinking and problem solving wk_2 What's missing.pdf

My Problem Solving and Thinking Skills- treasure hunt.pdf

My Thinking and Problem Solving- Making a Rain Catcher.pdf

My thinking and problem solving- wk 1 lego.pdf