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Fabulous Fridays

Friday afternoon clubs options are devised by teachers and teaching assistants. These choices are offered to pupils at the start of each half-term. Pupils choose the club that most appeals to them and after lunch on Fridays they split from their tutor group to attend their club. This may take place in another classroom or in another specific area of the school (swimming pool, sports hall, allotment area etc.) As pupils often leave their regular group, it also allows them space to socialise with peers and staff members they may not ordinarily see and this supports the development of social interaction skills outside of the usual classroom environment. It also helps to reduce pupils’ reliance on a close peer or staff member and generally creates opportunities for other friendships and relationships to be developed across the school.

On Preparations, clubs are devised as a series of five challenges. Some challenges are split in two so that pupils can choose. Pupils are split into five groups with learners from across the pathway. Each group spends six sessions on each challenge before moving on to the next. This gives the pupils the opportunity to develop skills relating to the challenge as well as providing the opportunity to interact with peers and staff in different environments.


This year our challenges are:


  • Leicester History
  • Taskmaster
  • Forest School
  • Drama or Traditional Games
  • Music or Textiles