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Dinners / Free School Meals

Lunchtime starts at 11:45am for Primary students and 12:30pm for secondary students. Students have 45 minutes to eat dinners and packed lunch either in the dining hall or 1 of 3 of our dining pods. Students then have activity time where they participate in several different activities including the outdoor gym. 

For more information on School Dinners, Free School Meals and the menus, CLICK HERE!


Free School Meal Letter 2023

We are able to cater for pupils with special diets providing we have associated medical plans and alternative feeding means, e.g., gastrostomy. We do not provide a halal alternative but all students have the choice of a vegetarian option. All our food is cooked on site in the high specification kitchen by our team of cooks. the menus meet the Government Standards for meals that came into force in September 2007. The menus are rotated over a four week cycle to ensure the menu choices remain fresh and popular.

You may know that the government have issued new food-based standards that have been introduced both at lunchtimes and at break times. We are a healthy eating school and have been careful about making sure that our pupils have healthy snacks at break times, but the new standards have made much clearer what we can and cannot provide for your child in school.

While packed lunches are still welcome we ask that they do not include any nut products of any description as we do have pupils in school with serious nut allergies.

We would like you to be aware of what the standards say because we would like to encourage you to take this into account when preparing packed lunches or sending in break time snacks for your child.

The type of foods that do not meet the new standards are:

  • Crisps and crisp like products
  • Confectionary eg chocolate and sweets
  • Processed fruit bars, cereal bars, cakes, buns and biscuits
  • Fruit pies and pastries
  • Foods high in salt or sugar