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Class 22 Home Learning

Parent notes 22.2.21.pdf

Gruffalo booklet.pdf

Words and numbers.pdf

Time practice 1.pdf

Time practice 2.pdf

Number pyramid 2.pdf

Magic squares.pdf

Science investigations.pdf

make your own woodland animal foodchain.pdf

USA factsheet to complete.pdf

Cardboard monsters.pdf

Art butterfly 1.pdf

Art butterfly 2.pdf

Parent notes 9.2.21.pdf

Home learning pack 6.pdf

Reading comprehension.pdf


Adjectives and similes.pdf

2D Shape Search.pdf

3D Shape search.pdf

Compass directions 1.pdf

Compass directions 2.pdf

Compass directions 3.pdf

Addition 1.pdf

Addition 2.pdf

Addition 3.pdf

Addition 4.pdf

Subtraction 1.pdf

Subtraction 2.pdf

Subtraction 3.pdf

Subtraction 4.pdf

Art 1.pdf

Science investigations 10 and 11.pdf

Food chain 1.pdf

Food chain 2.pdf

Food chain 3.pdf

Brazil factsheet to complete.pdf

Change from__1.pdf

Change from__2.pdf

Change from 10p.pdf

Change from 20p.pdf

Change from 50p.pdf

China factsheet to complete.pdf

how I can look after the environment.pdf

Science investigations 6.pdf

Match the rhyming words Snail and the whale.pdf

Snail and whale adjective pic.pdf

Snail writing sheet.pdf

Whale card insrtuctions.pdf

Whales facts science.pdf

Whales facts science.pdf

English Lesson 1.pdf

English Lesson 2.pdf

English Lesson 3.pdf

literacy pack 5.pdf

1ps and 2ps coins.pdf

1ps 2ps and 5ps.pdf

Counting Pennies 1.pdf

identify coins sheets.pdf

make amounts using coins.pdf

Maths Lesson 1.pdf

Maths Lesson 2.pdf

Maths Lesson 3.pdf

Morrisons tour.pdf

Nigeria factsheet to complete.pdf

Science 1.pdf

Science investigations 5.pdf

snail diagram.pdf

snails science.pdf


peace at last booklet.pdf

Peace at last sequencing.pdf

word problems money.pdf

10 times table worksheets-ws1.pdf

10 times table worksheets-ws2.pdf

2 5 10 tables word problems.pdf

5 times table worksheets ws1.pdf

5 times table worksheets ws2.pdf

multiplication square.pdf

word problems money.pdf

Science investigations 2.pdf

pyramid template.pdf

Topic Egyptians 2.pdf








Spending power.pdf





PE-Feeling Flexible.pdf


PE-Blast Off.pdf


PE-Balance Time.pdf

Topic Egypians.pdf

Home learning literacy pack 1 and 2.pdf

home learning literacy pack 3.pdf

Pictogram- favourite animals.pdf

Pictogram- haircuts.pdf

Pictogram- rainy days.pdf

Pictogram- travel to the supermarket.pdf

Place value 1.pdf

Place value work 2.pdf