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Class 20 Home Learning

The Snail and the Whale Task Book 3.pdf

Soup Story.pdf

Soup Story notes.pdf

Robot Properties Worksheet.pdf

Robot Spot the Differences.pdf

Ourselves Emotion Fans.pdf

Order the Day 2.pdf


Local Area Survey.pdf

The Loaves and the Fishes.pdf

Loaves and Fishes Sequencing.pdf

Jesus Calms the Storm.pdf

Mark 441b Colouring Page.pdf

Roman Numerals 2.pdf

How to make Roman armour.pdf

Make cards for your friends instructions.pdf

Friendship Card Templates.pdf

Does It Float or Does It Sink Activity Sheet.pdf

Colour the Sets.pdf

Cave Art.pdf

Bear Families.pdf

Bear Family worksheet.pdf

Home Learning 22.02.21.pdf

The Snail and the Whale Taskbook 2.pdf

Label a Roman Soldier.pdf

Matching Roman Numerals.pdf

Make a Roman Clock.pdf

Match Feelings worksheet.pdf

How do you feel.pdf

My Good Friend Spell.pdf

Positional Language sheet.pdf

Slopes and Forces.pdf

Making Robots.pdf

Order the Day.pdf

Sorting Activity.pdf

How Long.pdf

Measure posters.pdf

Body Parts.pdf


Whale 2.jpg

snail and whale 3.jpg

Recycle poster.pdf

The journey of a plastic bottle pictures.pdf

The Journey of a Plastic Bottle Answers.pdf

The story of Romulus and Remus.pdf

Romulus and Remus Sequence Cards.pdf

Roman Mosaic Colouring Sheets.pdf

Home Learning 01.02.21.pdf

Can you find instruction sheet 02.02.21.pdf

Can you find 02.02.21.pdf

Challenge Cards 03.02.21.pdf

Hello in different languages Instructions.pdf

Hello in different languages Cards.pdf

Internet Safety Worksheet 05.02.21.pdf

Internet Safety Word Search 05.02.21.pdf

Measure a Line Challenge.pdf

Sensory Circuit for Class 20.pdf

Adult Guidance African Animal Sunset Art 02.02.21.pdf

Patterns to Colour 01.02.21.pdf

Silhouette Cut-Outs 02.02.21.pdf

The Romans Reading.pdf

The Romans Questions.pdf

Roman Soldier Model 04.02.21.pdf

The Snail and the Whale pg. 1-4.pdf

Snail writing frame 02.02.21.pdf

Blue Whale Fact Sheet 02.02.21.pdf

Questions about Whales.pdf

What is climate.pdf

What sort of climate do we have in Leicester.pdf

Cover Letter 25.01.21.pdf

My Daily Routine.pdf

Crocodile Measuring.pdf

Ordering Caterpillars.pdf

Hajj PowerPoint.pdf

Postcard from Mecca.pdf

Hot or Cold Sorting Activity.pdf

Put these events into the order they happened in Leicester Worksheet.pdf

Time line.pdf

Hello in different languages.pdf

Rangoli Patterns.pdf

Create your own Rangoli pattern.pdf

Story Green Words 1.pdf

Story Green Words.pdf

Speedy Green Words Page 1.pdf

Speedy Green Words Page.pdf

Speedy Green Words 1.pdf

Speedy Green Words.pdf

Sorting Animals into Sets.pdf

Phonics Activity Booklet.pdf

Parts of the Body Labelling Activity.pdf

Longer or Shorter Sentences.pdf

Longer and Shorter.pdf

Interactive Activities.pdf

Green and Red Word Pages 1.pdf

Green and Red Word Pages.pdf

Ditty Reading Sheets.pdf

Describe the Journey Picture.pdf

Describe the Journey Key Words.pdf

Count the Shapes.pdf

Reading Detectives.pdf

Reading Comprehension.pdf

My Book Review.pdf

Sums using three numbers.pdf

Maths- Picture Frames.pdf

Maths- Fill in the missing numbers.pdf

Maths- Change from Machines.pdf

Bird Watching Maths investigation.pdf

All About My Christmas Writing Frame.pdf

Chinese New Year Sentence Scramble.pdf

Happy New Year Activity Sheet.pdf

Happy New Year Differentiated Word Search.pdf

KS1 Maths Mystery Game.pdf

Phonics Spelling Activity.pdf

Two Column Addition.pdf

Year of the Ox Comprehension.pdf